Business and commercial mortgages are loans secured on business or commercial properties e.g. garages, offices, shops, workshops.


  • Allows purchase of a property
  • Owning the property gives greater control compared to renting
  • Provides a long-term investment

Unlike residential mortgages, commercial mortgages are priced individually based on a number of factors. A commercial mortgage may be used to purchase a business premises, to fund a development of the premises, a new start-up or purchasing an existing business with property included.

Re-mortgaging could be used to release equity or gain a more favourable interest rate, so reducing costs. If your credit rating has improved since you took out the mortgage, it is highly likely that you will gain a better deal.


  • Releases equity from your business property
  • May gain more favourable interest rate

In both these options, once they are set up, there is no further work load.