Frequently asked questions

We are an independent, family company with over 50 years’ experience in business and business finance. Please contact us today to discuss your business requirements.

How do you get paid?
In most cases we gain commission from the funding provider you decide to use. We also provide consultation services for a daily rate.
How much will I pay you?
We provide a no-obligation, no-fee service .
Are you affiliated with any finance providers?
No, we are completely independent and will only introduce you to the providers who will meet your needs.
Will my information be kept confidential?
Yes, we will always consult you and gain your permission before we give your details to other companies.
Does it matter what funding I already have in place?
No, this doesn’t alter the services we are able to provide.
Is there a minimum number of companies I will be expected to talk to?
No, that is entirely down to you, you can talk to as few or many as you wish to.
How quickly can funding be in place?
This will depend on the option you choose. It can be in place within a week but may take up to a couple of months.
Do I need to be a home owner?
No, you don’t need to be a home owner but it may affect the funding options available.
Can you help if I am starting a new business?
Yes, there are lots of funding options for new starts.